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Patch Notes 2022/01/10 YYYY/MM/DD

Events: January 10 - 17, 2022
#New Year Snow Event (Delayed due to DC issue)
Quest board events:
Rewards: Fire Cracker (Random)
>Platinum Coins
>Bloody Branch Box (20)
>Sands of time
Costume Master Cat
> All traits +2 during the event period
#Refine Event Rates
https://uprisingro.net/wiki/index.php/R ... ty_(Event)
#Elite Hunter Token Drop increased to 5% from 3% for this event week
#Biosphere Drop rates Increased to 0.25% for this event week
#Donation Events

tomb of remorse.png
tomb of remorse.png (758.81 KiB) Viewed 397 times
New Features:
#Tomb of Remorse
New Level 5 Weapons
#King of Emperium
Everyday 2100H to 2130H refer to event page to learn more
#Extended 4th Class Enabled
Enables the 4th extended jobs and max level to 250 with trait points
Spirit Handler has error with Head using Human Heads (This cannot be fixed unless we change to the latest client (This is the part that caused that disconnect issue we need to wait for this to stabilize)
Get the roulette coin on Eden Platinum Vendo > Misc (previously De-Account bound)
#JRO arcana set cards + Princess Meer and Half blood Princess meer
>https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/inde ... ive-cards/
#Fixed Clay doll and Fine Chon Chon Doll drop
#Fix Temple of Demon God
#Fix Reverted Skill Behaviors
#Fix Thanatos Tower Enchant Names
#Fix Imperial Glove + Imperial Feather Combo
#Fix Requirements for
Nameless Assassin Muffler from 1000 Red Scarf to 50 Red Scarf
Royal Guard Necklace from 500 Dark Rosary to 50 Dark Rosary

#Added Account Bound remover for bounded Elite Hunter Token
#Homuculus S max Level updated to 250
#Added Armor to Regrade UI
#Added New Headgears on Advanced Headgear Shop
Smokie Transformation Leaf - LT
Wikibine's Black Cat Ears - LT
#Added New Shadow Armors on the Shadow Armor Trader
Almighty Accessories set
#Added Time Unseal Key on Tailor for Temporal Manteau Enchants

Quality Of Life
#Added more skills on reproduce skill set npc
#Account bound BSB can now be de-bounded
#All upcoming Codes from YT livestreams will not be anymore account bound
#Reduced Illusion of Luanda MvP spawns kill count by half
#Added kill count way to spawn Awakened Ktullanux (750 map kills)
#Added Inventory Expansion Slot System
#Removed Soapstones restriction.

Thank you,
Manual Patch Link: https://uprisingro.net/cdn/20220110_manual.zip
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