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Rules that apply to everything Uprising RO

No Harassments/Sexual Harassments/Defamation/Doxxing/Racism
Any form of harassment and misconduct is not allowed. Players found guilty of such behavior will be ban indefinitely and in cases of criminal activity using our game, forums and communities as a venue will be reported to the local authorities.
  • First Penalty: Total Ban
Disruptive Gameplay (Griefing/Unrulyness)
Any proven form of disruptive gamely, defined as causing other party (player) to be not able to play the game is subjected to review and analysis of our team. We promote a healthy community where it is possible to have friendly banter and sometimes heated arguments but we do not encourage anyone going beyond and causing undue stress, emotional trauma to other players.
  • First Penalty: 1 week ban
    Second Penalty: 1 month ban
    Third Penalty: Total ban
Frauds and Scams
Any form of Fraudulent behavior and Scamming is not allowed and tolerated. Reports of this behavior takes times as we trace the items location. To provide a solid evidence we do encourage everyone who does a huge transaction or trade to record their transaction using OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) or any screen capture device for immediate action.
  • First Penalty: 1 week ban + character deletion
    Second Penalty: Total ban
Section Two: Real Money Transfer (RMT)
Real Money Transfer in exchange for any in-game item is not allowed effectively this January 06,2022 2020H any transactions made beyond this point is considered breaking the rules and will result to the punishment above. This is enacted to prevent Legal Issues from being a possible venue of Money Laundering, hencefort this is not anymore allowed in the server or we will get local authorities involved.

Exploitation of Bugs
Any form of Exploitation that results to unduly advantage to other players as well as failure to immediately report said bugs and exploits to the staff is not allowed. Recommended action is to immediately report via screen recording and be rewarded thru our Bug Hunting program!
  • First Penalty: 1 month ban + deletion of all items
    Second Penalty: Total Ban
Use of Third Party software to BOT
Any form of use of AFK( Away from keyboard ) Gameplay defined as gameplay done not by a player but algorithms as to gain advantage over other players who play normally are not allowed.
  • First Penalty: 1 month ban + deletion of all items
    Second Penalty: Total Ban
Advertisement of other Private Servers
Advertisements of other Private servers is not allowed and will never be.
  • First Penalty: 1 month ban + deletion of all items
    Second Penalty: Total Ban
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