[Patch] 07/08/2022

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[Patch Notes] 2022/07/08 YYYY/MM/DD

#Removal of Familiar (1005) from the normal spawns

#Melon Festival
Ours is customized and only use this for guide for some NPC locations

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#Summer is almost done the crops will rot with the incoming rains! Help the citizens to harvest these sweet treats!
> Special HP/SP pots
> New Quest Board Quests
> Special New Costume with Enchants

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#ExP and Drop Event 30%
#Refine Event
#Donation Event

**Class Rebalancing:**

**New Features:**
#Release of missing Extended Class Weapons from the Current Pool

Poenitentia Weapons
Vivatus Weapons

#Fixed Valkyrie Knife only giving reduction from Demihuman Monsters
#Fixed Wrong Roaming Spellbook
#Fixed Blessing of soul costume location
#Fixed Savage Baby on shoulder costume location
#Fixed Wrong Event Quest Board and Quest UIs information for Melon Event

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> You are first required to finish Lavender quest before unlocking the headphones
> There is no Random Turnin this time

#Cash Shop Updates

#Item Updates

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> Thanatos AD Weapon Release
> > Get the reform Box from finishing Tomb of Remorse
> > > Get 1% + Instance Difficulty (Hell is 6) chance for the Thanos Weapon Reform Cube (Lesser) eg 7% at hell mode (-5 Refine)
> > > Flat 2% chance for hellmode only Thanos Weapon Reform Cube (Intermediate) (-1 Refine)
> > Custom Amount of Gray Shards needed to reform
> > Lesser box needs 400 Gray Shards
> > Intermediate Box needs 800 Gray Shards
> > Uses the same Enchant as Thanos Weapon

#Shadow Equipments

Quality Of Life

Manual Patch:


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